May 2, 2005

Oriental Platter, Hand-Made

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Bill's platterHaving lived in a variety of big, multi-cultural cities, our long-time appreciation of oriental art was stirred when we discovered this digital image of a breathtaking one-of-a-kind hand-made Oriental platter in an email from a friend.

atter is adorned with a decidedly oriental design, and bears a richness of composition and color we've not seen elsewhere. We notice that the artist provided sturdy handles — though I'm not sure I'd want to put such a piece to use as anything more than glorious decoration.

As you can see, oriental art often veers from the symmetrical design often favored in the West. Such a piece contributes easily to the aesthetics of one's environment, providing a focal point of beauty during one's day.

This absolutely gorgeous platter at once stirred the "I must have it" urge; however, we must remain content with a digital image only, as the platter itself has already gone on to its new owner. Moreover, we should note that the artist chooses to work independently in his studio, and to not take commissions or orders at this time.

Still, we thought we'd share.

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