May 3, 2005

Multifunctional Cellphones

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Cellphone Image Nowadays, we couldn't have an Electronics category at all without touching on the amazingly multifunctional wireless cellphones available on the market.

With this little Sprint/Sanyo cellphone gadget to the left, we can take pictures, record live action with the built-in camcorder, send email, and still make telephone calls. It even has a speaker — in case you can't use your hands, I guess — and a stylish little leather protector outfit to wear.

es more — like allow you to surf the Web — but then I'd have to <ahem> read the manual, and I'm far too busy for that, doncha know. That's what vacations are for.

I'm tempted to ask who uses all this stuff besides, maybe, teenagers and the actors in those cellphone commercials. Do we grab surreptitious snapshots of movie stars shopping at Whole Foods (passing over the raw almonds for the one-pound chocolate bar? It's big news, I tell ya.)

I know. I laugh now, but I'll probably fall in love with it when I find out it allows me to get out more and still check my email. Hopefully from our favorite Italian restaurant. Or the beach.

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