May 3, 2005

Tempura Shrimp from Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's Tempura Shrimp A craving for tempura shrimp usually that means a night out at a Japanese restaurant. If you're like us, you can't always spare the time. But there is do it yourself. (Yes, we know. Just as you thought that all we do is sail around enjoying Los Angeles' gourmet wonders, here we are with dinner-in-a-box.)

go I had a boss whose Japanese mother-in-law was kind enough to give me her recipe for tempura shrimp. Thing is, though fairly easy, cooking tempura is an intense matter of cleaning the shrimp, dipping it in a special batter and then deep-frying it in a special cooking oil. Lots and lots of oil, which you'll find splattered everywhere. And hopefully you've also collected the right ingredients for your dipping sauce, without which tempura, shrimp or otherwise, just wouldn't be the same. Neither would life without tempura, in our opinion.

Amazingly enough, our local Trader Joe's carries frozen tempura shrimp under its own brand. Even more amazing, it's good, without the poor soggy texture that frozen breaded foods sometimes have. (Not that I would know, of course.) It even comes with a dipping sauce that's quite delicious and in quantity enough for a meal for two.

Our favorite: serve the tempura shrimp with a pot of white rice and some steamed starchy vegetables on the side. Easy and fun.

And, for those of you who don't know Trader Joe's, it's a store mostly based in California that carries all manner of interesting food, some prepared, and wines, chocolates and what-have-you. My husband characterizes it as between a health food store and a supermarket, with a large array of unusual and exotic foods. A real treat.

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7 Comments for "Tempura Shrimp from Trader Joe's"

  1. Editor says:

    Thanks, Lew — but note that this is DesignerJones, not Trader Joe's. You might want to communicate that to Trader Joe's.

    Comment posted on 12/8/2008 @ 12:17 pm
  2. Lew Morris says:

    An outstanding product! We love it at our house.

    But we are never going to buy it again…

    Your packaging material usage is outrageous and environmentally thoughtless; it weighs more than the product itself!

    1) exterior cardboard box
    2) plastic wrap around the exterior box
    3) 2 molded polystyrene foam trays to hold the shrimp
    4) plastic wrap around the trays

    Use this as a constructive criticism. There is a better way to present this product.

    Comment posted on 12/8/2008 @ 11:01 am
  3. Tony Tran says:

    I love the shrimp tempora. Tight packaging ensure freshness. These can be store in freezer long without the funny taste due to great packaging technique!

    Comment posted on 1/29/2014 @ 7:11 pm
  4. Leona Kilgore says:

    Can I order tempura shrimp on line? Schwans is not going carry tempura shrimp. I will be needing about 10 boxes.

    Comment posted on 10/6/2014 @ 1:00 pm
  5. Diane Vigil says:

    Hm, I don't know. I would checkto see whether Trader Joe's sells online. (I suspect they don't … but we're not Trader Joe's.)

    Comment posted on 10/6/2014 @ 1:05 pm
  6. Lisa says:

    Trader Joe's has been out of this product for months. Where else can I buy them

    Comment posted on 3/18/2015 @ 11:21 am
  7. Sharon says:

    My package of Trader Joe's frozen tempura shrimp has absolutely no preparation instructions on the box! Online I discovered you bake them at 400 for 8 minutes.

    Comment posted on 7/14/2015 @ 6:28 am

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