May 13, 2005

It's the weekend

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It's the weekend, and here in L.A. there is plenty to do. The L.A. Times' features an entertaining piece entitled Raising the bar; gotta love an article that declares, "There comes a point in one's nightlife career when the sawdust-on-the-floor aesthetic just doesn't cut it. Dance clubs start to make you cringe, dive bars make your nose wrinkle and meat markets just make you sad." We don't imbibe, but the descriptions of bars and food are enticing.

Meanwhile, BBC America is showing Absolutely Fabulous — apparently we can get this across-the-pond series via DirecTV or Dish Network. Never mind; you can buy the series (it's not so cheap). Enjoying AbFab requires a certain sense of humor — or sensibility — and one wouldn't want actually to live that way, but hey, it's funny.

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