May 15, 2005

Japan Today online news

Japan Today LogoWe've just discovered Japan Today, which bills itself as "Japan's largest English news and information portal" (where a "portal" is a website offering a variety of features and services such as news, email, stock tips; Yahoo is a good example).

A quick scan of the Japan Today home page shows that Japan may have the same issues and concerns that we do here. Aside from the hilariously-entitled poll, "Leaving aside politics, members of which profession lie the most?" and the headline "Canned Aussie wine a hit in Japan" (yes, wine in a can), we found What do you think makes Japan unique? illuminating. This quick interview of a handful of twenty-somethings, each stylish in his or her own way, and the comments of readers (which quickly devolves into an argument), allows us a viewpoint that we'd not usually get. In any case, we think that anything that helps people to better understand each other is a good thing.

For the curious, the Metropolis section (link at the bottom of the ad) is fun. And we take to heart the reader comment, " I think Japan is the first place I've been to where there is an appreciation for simplicity" — somehow the Japanese can make a simple bowl on a wooden bench look precious, highly aesthetic and something to remember.

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