May 26, 2005

It's about style …

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Anyone coming within reading distance of fashion magazines in the last, oh, few decades will have noticed a bold propensity for dictating one's personal style. We should clad ourselves always in low-slung jeans or business suits. To throw that statement quite out of whack, we'll note that BBCAmerica declares the Golden Rules of dressing (and that's a big "no" to leather pants for reasons best divulged there), or that you could always wallpaper your computer desktop with Absolutely Fabulous' Edina and Patsy so as to copy the AbFab Duo's own style, and take note of confusing proclaimation, Festive Attire is What?. But rarely is it mentioned that one's own style may depend on one's pocketbook, age, sphere of endeavor(s) and one's taste, which can and likely do change. Still, we are saddened by the NYTimes' piece, Decline and Fall of Helmut Lang (free signup required); note bene: that's what can happen when you sell a stake in your company and, somewhere along the line it is forgotten that women might care to stock their wardrobes with quite a few more jeans than expensive handbags.

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