June 2, 2005

Shower Water Filters

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Shower water filters for the bathroom — especially in Los Angeles — are as much a luxury as a necessity. Really: run a bathtub full of water and you might notice a colored tinge, whereas we live in the hopeful belief that water probably ought to be, well, colorless. And without chlorine, yes? It's enough to turn your hair blond. Just a joke. But drinking this stuff, let alone bathing in it for periods of time daily, is certainly less than healthful; breathing in lungfuls of steamy chlorine-filled air simply isn't quite what the doctor ordered, despite the fact that infrequent bathing is sure to be noted by friends. Add to that that we've noticed that many soaps also contain less-than-healthful ingredients.

And so we're happy to share that ever-watchful friend Lynn Cameron has recommended shower heads from SanteforHealth.com. They've got bathtub filters, too, and whole-house water filters. We haven't tried them yet (shipping does take time) but they've got to be better than the old daily dip in chlorinated water.

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