June 6, 2005

Japanese Gardens in Los Angeles

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Japanese GardensSeems the last week or so has had us firmly planted in front of the computer; that's what success can do to a Web person. Still, the imagination can roam — gone, perhaps, to strolls through San Francisco's justly famous Japanese Tea Gardens (the thumbnail pictures don't nearly do it justice, but you can click on them for enlargements).

The Japanese have a particular knack for beauty, and for the juxtaposition of opposites. Tie a bow around a bunch of sticks and you may have something ready for the trash — but let the Japanese do it and you have a work of art that speaks quietly and eloquently. So it is with their gardens, where wild foliage and controlled gardening meet in rather astounding beauty that is both calming and uplifting.

Well, Los Angeles is known for much but not, we thought, for Japanese gardens, so it comes as a surprise that Los Angeles, too, has its share. Good places, no doubt, to enjoy something different, and to get a lot of nature so close to home. Since we're stuck indoors for a bit more, we'll leave you with the City of Los Angeles' virtual tour of the Japanese Gardens (Flash required, or click here). Also the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach.

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