June 19, 2005

Horse Drawn's Modern Day Tintypes

Since we can't visit the gentleman in question (you'll see why in a moment), we were pleased to find Wired News' coverage of photographer John Coffer, who "lives in a hand-built cabin in rural New York and makes a living taking old-fashioned metal-plate photographs." Though one may need to be a photography geek* to truly appreciate the article, it's well written and not at all confusing.

* Ah. For those of us in the Web industry, the word "geek" is not a pejorative, but an extreme compliment denoting someone extremely well versed in a technology. Really:

Coffer is not entirely geek-free. He recently produced a tintype movie — the first of its kind, he claimed — featuring his apprentice DeLooza strapping a straight razor.

Visit John Coffer's website.

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