June 29, 2005

A quick Adirondacks vacation getaway

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Adirondacks vacation rentalsWhile it's entirely too true that we don't get away — much less vacation — much lately, we had to mention our friend Lynn Cameron's Adirondack vacation lodgings, simply for the sheer beauty of the place and her vacation lodgings.

Where the heck are the Adirondacks? Way up in upstate New York, in an area roughly the size of Vermont. Mountains. Untamed wilderness. Thousands of lakes and streams. And all that.

The Camerons' Adirondacks vacation lodgings, located in what we're sure is a fairly exclooosive area (where "getting away from it all" is not just a marketing slogan), are attractive, comfortable, well thought out — and nicely appointed. Why do we say that, not yet having visited? Well, there's the image above, taken by Lynn … that's a tent. To be sure, a tent with a nicely-finished wooden floor, with sofas and beddings, electricity, a refrigerator and a phone. But still a tent. The Camerons' other vacation lodging is Ted's Cabin, which is not a tent. (The page is packed with dreamy comments from past visitors.)

A fast Adirondacks getaway retreat. Nice as it is, there's one more thing — you can probably get to there from here reasonably easily. Y'see, there's an airport. And something more: if your idea of getting away from it all to "go camping" in the wilderness doesn't involve hauling and pitching your own tent and, well, stuff … if your idea of a quick vacation getaway falls along the lines of packing a toothbrush and changes of clothes, hopping a plane, and shuffling off to your comfy lodgings (kindly stocked with food by Lynn) so that you can simply enjoy yourself, this just may be your answer.

If you're lucky, you'll also meet Lynn's husband, Jim, who's a world class (and renowned) wooden boat restorer (we're talking boats over 100 years old) and one of the few master boatbuilders still hand-crafting traditional Adirondack guideboats the old-fashioned way, sans glue or adhesives of any kind.

What are guideboats? Well, those would be the boats used by the expert guides guiding people through and across the Adirondacks' forests and streams 'way back when they were the adopted summer vacation home of some of America's great … but I'll let someone else tell you about it.

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