July 19, 2005

Pompeiian Art Find

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Pompeian ArtOne wishes that this little item was resting in our living room. Instead, we appreciate the BBC News' coverage of a collection of artifacts from the 79 A.D. Mt. Vesuvius eruption. Billed as "the most important find of this kind for 70 years," the collection comprises what looks like a set of silverware. Says the Beeb:

Thousands of inhabitants of Pompeii gathered up what few possessions they hoped to save and tried to escape from the firestorm and the clouds of volcanic ash and mud which descended upon their city.

From the BBC News' Rare Pompeii dinner set unveiled.

Alas, the showing was private (well, you know, we weren't invited!), but sad though the history of the collection is, we're thinking that a close examination of these types of artifacts — adorned with what appear to be scenes from everyday life or, perhaps, mythology — could tell us much about the citizens of Pompei that movies can't.

Well, there are movies, and there is the Beeb's coverage of technology applied to history: Pompeii gets digital make-over. Love the style.

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