August 6, 2005

Screamin' Kids Self-Protection Website

Screamin' Kids Self-ProtectionSome weeks ago, Screamin' Kids founder Terri Marshall approached our web design studio with a plan. Expecting from the company name to hear a clever rant about the vagaries of life with loud children, we were surprised to hear Terri's story.

r of three, Terri had experienced something many of us can relate to: "a feeling of helplessness during yet another 'special news' bulletin of yet another abducted child" — but, rather than face defeatism, she says:

"I realized that we don't have to remain helpless, that we not only need to rise above our fears but that we have a responsibility to do so, and to empower our children with tools for protection".

And so, having established the Screamin' Kids LLC as a foundation for the forward movement of the Screamin' Kids campaign, she set about getting the word out on the Web.

What's the screamin' reference about? Simply this: teaching kids to use their voices to alert those nearby when transgressors approach. You'll find this and other valuable self-protection tips for kids (many of which, we note, should work just as well for adults) on the Screamin' Kids website.

Though does contain a number of tips, the thrust of the Screamin' Kids campaign is to educate parents and guardians about how to teach their children to protect themselves. To this end, Terri has also published The Screamin' Kids Self-Protection E-book. Subtitled "A Parent's Approach to Educating Children about Self-Protection," the e-book details Terri's fairly comprehensive approach to teaching her own children to protect themselves, as well as further self-protection tips. Not for sale, the e-book is available as a free bonus to anyone purchasing one of the Screamin' Kids t-shirts … and Terri says that 10% of the net profits from sales of merchandise in the Screamin' Kids online store will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or other suitable charity.

The Screamin' Kids t-shirts are witty and designed to appeal to kids in their own language, like the one emblazoned with the slogan, "No, I don't want your stupid candy." <grin>

This is a nod to Terri for taking on such a weighty issue. Our best to the Screamin' Kids campaign.

And, by the way, transgressors may not be as far away as one might think. A little visit to the PublicData's free sex offender database search ( is most illuminating. Certainly something to think about.

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