August 18, 2005

Chocolate Jones

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Kron ChocolateThe morning dawns with a desire for chocolate — that stuff-we're-not-eating-now. <sniff> So we'll have to do this from memory. Among our favorites:

Kron Chocolatier — had this many, many moons ago. Now, this is stylish chocolate. Not simply your usual affaire de chocolat (see picture above), but chocolate the way it could be done if you've the knowledge, the taste, the talent and the tools. A terribly chic gift for the elite chocolate palate. Apparently the original owners, Diane and Tom Kron, sold the company years ago, but according to the website, Diane has returned to Beverly Hills with an updated product line. One can only imagine.

Cadbury — Oh yes. Our favorite was the milk chocolate with almonds. Just about the creamiest, least harsh chocolate we've ever tasted. A perfect munch. Having a difficult time finding it on the Cadbury site — anyone else find Cadbury's many sites confusing? We get that you are corporate and … doing things. Where is the chocolate, please?

Arnott's Tim Tams — sent to us all the way from Australia by our friend, Sophie Wegat. Given that we have not tasted every chocolate-covered biscuit in existence, we still have to say that Tim Tams beat any we've had.

Whole Foods' Organic Chocolate — scrumptious. Whole Foods apparently purchased the original Mrs. Gooch's market, an upscale healthy foods market — think whitewashed wood floors, track lighting, organic (and some non-organic) foods and vegetables and the occasional movie star. Yes, we do prefer the milk chocolate, but the dark organic with nuts is very smooth, very tasty, and strangely like … food.

Is it fattening? You bet. Hey, you put sugar, salt and oil together and, honey, it's gonna be fattening. But tasty. <grin>

That said, anyone see the Johnny Depp movie Chocolat? It could be good for you.

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