August 20, 2005

Digital Egypt

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Ancient EgyptFor those of you with an interest in ancient Egypt — pyramids, mummies, stylish makeup and all (just how much did one of those huge gold necklaces weigh?) — we've got a bit of a find. London Global University's Digital Egypt for Universities is hot stuff.

Comprising, as it says, some 3000+ pages of information and images, it's a good place to dig around. The Timeline, with its links to detailed and more detailed information, is a treasure worth hours of engrossing learning. Seldom have we seen such a wealth of information so well categorized.

We've always admired Egypt's ancients, imagining them in a movie-like haze as a race of people styling around in fabulous wigs, serious makeup and light-but-tight clothing (necessary, given the aforementioned ultra-heavy jewelry). While we wish not to disturb that image, we'll say that the timeline is an excellent place to start as it illustrates just where one period (and/or religion) left off and the next started. Hey, this is Los Angeles, where we recognize that the juxtaposition of fantasy and real can be … just quite right.

How'd we find this? Through a link to a definition in Wired's Child Mummy Wows Egyptologists article, which was brought to our attention by the Opera browser's newsfeed reader (which feeds right into the browser). It's a digital age, for sure.

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