September 7, 2005

Old Sailing Ship found in San Francisco

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Old Sailing Ships The Associated Press is reporting that the remains of an old ship have been found at a construction site in San Francisco. They've got archeologists there digging it up now — although apparently there have been many such ships which now form part of the landfill of San Francisco.

The immediate thought is that, while much of San Francisco proper consists of hills (tall ones at that), it's a little disconcerting to think that some of it is just … landfill. Ohhhh-kay …

At any rate, eons ago we had the pleasure of spending some hours aboard an old sailing vessel in San Francisco. It was amazing — teetering about the ship's deck around on high heels (one did that in those days, no matter of one's location) (foolish, we know), the smell of the wood alone evoked an entire experience of sailing on vast, open oceans. Of days and years spent mostly alone on the seas, with nary a bit of dry land in sight.

And, to tell the truth, it was quite compelling. One could see why men loved the sea.

The National Park Service site has photos of the old ships around the S.F. area.

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