September 9, 2005

Bob Dylan Interview

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Found this 1969 Bob Dylan interview — himself of the ever-quotable, ever-poignant one-liners — by Rolling Stone head Jann Wenner. Pretty interesting, as it includes the period from the issue of Dylan's Blonde on Blonde album through the motorcycle accident whereafter Dylan mostly disappeared from public life, and beyond.

are to get a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of artists as reclusive as Bob Dylan. Here we find that he didn't get a penny for the Don't Look Back film. And:

What is the nature of your acquaintance with John Lennon?

Oh, I always love to see John. Always. He's a wonderful fellow . . . and I always like to see him.

He said that the first time that you met, in New York, after one of the concerts or something like that, it was a very uptight situation.

It probably was, yes. Like, you know how it used to be for them. They couldn't go out of their room. They used to tell me you could hardly get in to see them. There used to be people surrounding them, not only in the streets, but in the corridors in the hotel. I should say it was uptight.

At any rate, a good read, and good to learn how this particular artist approaches his art.

And, of course, there's

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