September 20, 2005 Fashion Finder Site

By posted in Fashion WebsiteHotsy totsy. Just in from CNET (via MarketingVox), is set to un-prerelease its website. (We guess that the "pre-release" of an already-launched website is what the Web and computer worlds call a Beta version.)

According to CNET, is:

uot;run by a group of Internet and fashion industry veterans, offers pages of sleek women's fashion editorial along the lines of InStyle and Lucky magazines, updated daily by a team of fashion editors, merchandisers and stylists. Click on any item, and the site takes you directly to an online store that sells it."

Tasty. We like seeing knowledgeable people get together to do good things. promises to be a step up from the old "let your fingers do the walking" — a reference to the old advertisement promoting the Yellow Pages and your ability to call stores first instead of driving. Good, but the reality is that you'd have to get some salesperson on the phone (good luck), describe what you were looking for, and hope they'd have it. If's promo is true, you'd be able to find what stores had what you were looking for. Maybe even buy it online, if you were so inclined. Anyway.

By the way, is it just us, or do some top fashion models look unhealthily thin … and unhappy? Not the ones in the picture above, but we're just saying …

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2 Comments for " Fashion Finder Site"

  1. Brenda Cunningham says:

    Mail order catalog?

    Comment posted on 9/29/2008 @ 4:58 am
  2. Editor says:

    Hi, Brenda. I edited your comment to remove your address, as it probably shouldn't be posted here.

    Since is an online magazine, if you need a mail order catalog from, I'd suggest going to their website and inquiring there:

    Comment posted on 9/29/2008 @ 11:27 am

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