September 20, 2005

Julien's: Lennon & Ono & Jimmy Page, et al.

Julien's Autumn 2005 SaleNice one: Julien's Auctions' Autumn 2005 Sale (set for October 29, 2005) features a number of important entertainment memorabilia items from John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Page and others.

We especially noted John Lennon's white suit from the Abbey Road album and a photo of Marilyn Monroe as a young girl (not to mention Marilyn's personal phone book and appointment book; yep, we're curious!)

No doubt there are others; that's what we've seen from the sample lots. Nice one. If anyone's wanting to attend, zip on over to Julien's registration page … or buy the auction catalogue. Having seen one, we can say they're quite large and most entertaining.

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