September 28, 2005

Giant Squid: a myth no more

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Giant SquidRemember the old stories of wooden boat sailors returning to land with tales of giant sea monsters? Always sounded ridiculous, superstitious, a bit daft, you know?

But there's actual proof that giant squid exist. The BBC News is among those covering the news of the filming of Architeuthis by T Kubodera and K Mori of Japan: Live giant squid caught on camera. Though we wish they'd have shared more of those 500+ photographs, note the sizing image here: those numbers are meters, not feet. Here's the Royal Society B page, with a link to what appears to be the actual post-writeup, and the few pictures we've seen.

Fascinating, though we're sorry to hear the squid was harmed in the bargain. Ouch.

Ya never know what's out there. When we were in Florida, we were feeling a bit cautious about the alligators. Florida natives were singularly unconcerned — for reasons that are beyond us. We have a problem with the idea of giant carnivorous lizards on the loose … sometimes, out on the street. Yeah. Heck with that. We are advised that, while they can go about 30 miles per hour in a straight line, the good news is that they don't cut corners well. Don't say we never gave you anything for free. :)

On a related note, here's, a site about octopi — including live footage.

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