September 28, 2005

Rock Bands: the Second Act

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The International Herald Tribune's article Rock bands finding their voices — again notes that Queen has been touring Europe with Paul Rodgers as lead singer.

Sure, a change like this will have some fans protesting due to love of and loyalty to the original lineup. (Ever notice how some media always want to present the alarming view?) On the other hand, Freddie Mercury is gone, a truly sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. Is the rest of the band, then, supposed to cease its artistic endeavors forever?

Heck, if Van Halen could do it, so could other bands. Bob Dylan faced a huge outcry when he transitioned from his original accoustic style to (gasp!) electric — which gave us, after all, Subterranean Homesick Blues. The Stones brought on Mick Taylor after the death of Brian Jones.

It can be done, and it can still be excellent.

We say the world needs more art, not less, yes?

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