October 7, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Meyer in China

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Those of you who don't make your living in some manner or another related to professional Web services probably have not heard the name Eric Meyer. Mr. Meyer is a guru in the true sense of the word — brilliant, clear-thinking, knowledgeable and practical without, apparently, the need to tout himself as a guru … and a true gentleman who elegantly acquits himself in what can occasionally be heated circumstances. It's the Web, after all.

Here's Eric's account of … well, we'll let Eric tell it:

"If somebody is going to be brave enough to marry Eric, they have to accept the weirdness that will inevitably follow. When Kat and Eric got married in July 1998, they set off on a three-week trip to China as a honeymoon."

It's a tale well told, in the best big-City newspaper travelogue style. One gets the idea that Eric could do well simply at writing. (And so he does.)

=> Eric's China Tale

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