November 22, 2005

NordstromSilverScreen Update

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We posted earlier about Nordstrom's online fashion videos. As it turns out, it's not so much a website with fashion videos but, according to the FAQ:

Nordstrom Silverscreen is a unique entertainment channel that combines fresh new music and fun films with the latest in fashion. It’s not a website but rather an application that’s easy to download and install. Once on your desktop, you’ll receive remixed music videos, compelling music stories, designer interviews and more-automatically.

Interesting. Not sure if we're excited about unknown stuff downloading to our computer without prior inspection — but could be interesting. Kudos for the use of the technology, though.

[DesignerJones Translation: we're waiting for someone else to sign up and get downloaded on. Sorry. Too many years in geekdom, and then there's the recent brouhaha over Sony embedding anti-piracy/spyware on music CD ROMs. We're just security-conscious.]

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