December 5, 2005

Digital Cameras and Photography

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Yes, we've been playing about with our digital camera. Thing is, you can get a great camera and still come out with ::cough:: weird photographs. We're Web geeks, not photographers, okay?

The lighting plays a huge part in this. Of course. The camera is making a recording of light, after all. And right about the time you realize that, you begin to notice that the lighting given off by the various lamps in the room is … different colors. Some bulbs give a yellowed color, while others are blue. Something to note. ;)

Or, as a friend pointed out, the camera takes a picture of what really is while we, perhaps, make mental "adjustments" so that we see things as we see them.

<Sigh> This means, of course, a trip to a photography store for lighting equipment. Or we'll end up laying out our shots on wooden furniture for the "warmth". Again. (Though we're guessing it isn't a half-bad idea; use what you've got.)

At any rate, our mortgage broker friend turned us on to, a rather intense photography site. Mr. Rockwell's photography tech pages are filled with information: reviews, how-tos. Essential stuff from someone not trying to sell you a camera.

Hey! Maybe we could get some of those umbrella lighting-screen things. How hip is that?

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