December 12, 2005



Yes, admittedly, our interests are many — and when we happened upon the CB Swords site, we couldn't help but stop. First of all, it's gorgeous in that style that can't be implemented on today's corporate-style websites. CB Swords is not what you'd call corporate, but really well done.

ace has all kinds of swords, not the least of which are (what we expect are) replicas of the swords used by sword- and knife-wielding Lord of the Rings characters. (And while you're at it, you can get at last the spelling of those names!) Need a little something to protect yourself while out jogging in the park? Let the Battle Axe of Gimli be your protector.

Or perhaps the ornate Hadhafang Sword of Arwen — you go, girl!

No — we've got it: the Highlander sword. Your mom will love your new "be prepared!" attitude.

Samurai swords anyone? At any rate, CB Swords has those too.

As does the pricier Bugei Trading Company, whose website says it "offers the finest in Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords, Samurai Weapons, and Japanese Weapons. We carry a variety of Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto, as well as a full range of kimono and Japanese clothing." A serious place. From 10 Things You Should Know and Consider Before Buying A Samurai Sword:

Balance: Rarely considered by most is the balance of the sword. This is a very important factor in choosing a Samurai Sword. You should think of balance as functionality.

Indeed. We once held a real samurai sword; about three feet in length, it was so well balanced that it felt like a short — and light — kitchen knife. :)

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