February 12, 2006

The Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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We are so bad. We were in the midst of studying HTML (website coding) when we somehow ended up at Overstock.com. Where our eyes almost popped out of our heads (an ugly look for a female, particularly in so visuals-conscious a town as Los Angeles).

What caught our attention?

The 600-thread count pure Egyptian cotton sheets. For $80. Last time we saw a set of (not so) high thread count sheets, they were $450 … on sale. Ten minutes later, we'd ordered three sets, and joined the "O Club" which gave us an immediate $12.00 discount and took the normally $2.95 shipping down to $1.00.

Not only that, but the entire Overstock.com website worked in our favorite Opera browser. How insightful is that?

Uh oh. We were going to say that we've got a trend going here and (ha ha ha) what else can we study now … but we see that they have computer stuff too. See ya. <grin>

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