May 14, 2006

UK Inventor makes 8000 mpg car

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Back in the day when we had to brave Los Angeles' 405 freeway on the way to -gasp!- an office job, we'd always wanted a Harrier — the aircraft flown by our Guvernator in the movie True Lies. Certainly stylish, if pricey, but where would one park it?

Anyway. It seems that UK inventor Andy Green has invented a car that gets 8,000 miles to the gallon — thereby beating his previous record of 6,603 miles per gallon. The new car, a three-wheeler (photo here) looks to be a bit tiny; not sure how we'd apply lipstick or talk on the phone while driving. It might not have much in the way of storage space (or extra seats?), but might be just the thing for those jaunts across town to work — and, hey, if a truck tried to drive over you, it might just slip under with narry a dent. Just kidding.

One thinks: I could drive from Los Angeles to New York on less than
a gallon of gas. Or: you run out of gas somewhere, and walk to the nearest gas station to purchase … oh, a pint of gas?

DesignerJones kudos. Let's hope it does go commercial; size and storage problems are easily solved for an invention that, should it actually go to manufacture and sales, could cure a lot of current ills.

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