July 26, 2006

Advice From Those Who've Been There

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We were intensely interested to read the Advice From Those Who've Been There article posted at Communication Arts which interviewed some stellar names in the world of design — names who have since retired or moved on to other things. As the article's author, Harriett Levin Balkind, noted:

I was looking for entrepreneurs who had created unique and admired cultures; who had gained international reputations and garnered scores of awards with the most coveted of clients; yet who had still chosen to take an exit route after eating and sleeping design for decades.

With such subtitles as "Ignorance really is bliss. You make your own luck" and "You might want to consider developing more than design skills.", the article is chock full of great observations (and advice) from people who walked the walk. One could do worse than to read the thoughts of people who made it in their chosen spheres.

As people whose interests and endeavors span a range of spheres, we may also say that our interest was piqued, not the least of which was due to the fact that we discovered a number of people who not only did and were interested in more than one thing in life, but excelled at it.

"It makes sense for everyone to have more than one career if they want to be productive as our life spans near 100. Being in the same profession for 60 years may not be what you want to do." ~Aubrey Balkind, Frankfurt Balkind

They're not saying that it was all a ride on a cloud, but … well, it's well worth the read.

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