July 9, 2007

We Want Organic Food Website

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We Want Organic FoodWe've been more than a little AWOL in the past months, for which I apologize — but one of the reasons is that we've launched a new website: We Want Organic Food.

Not only that, but this time when I say "we", I mean it: I'm pleased to announce that George Vigil is also writing for We Want Organic Food, which was, in fact, his idea. You'll see me posting there as Diane Vigil (that's me).

The original purpose of the new organic website was simply to share information we've gathered about where to find, purchase or simply sit down to eat organic food. For that reason, a couple of articles that were going to be posted here will end up over there (and maybe vice versa).

As well, we've now found that (a) the small farmers in this country are not entirely all alone (there are organizations that support them, fight the good fights, etc.) and (b) some of the local farmers' markets in all of our areas may be offering certified organic food. And that organic food just tastes better.

As we are now fond of saying, know your food sources. And enjoy. :)

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