October 31, 2007

Hollywood Reporter on your Desktop

Hollywood Reporter DirectNot exactly sure where this fits into the grand scheme of things — sadly not being a part of The Industry — but, as residents of Los Angeles, we feel we simply must carry the word that the Hollywood Reporter magazine has announced a downloadable application (program) — Hollywood Reporter direct that will bring the latest bulletins and updates right to your desktop.

How does it work?
You will receive an alert window on your desktop each time we send a news bulletin or update. Alerts come directly to you, not through the Web or e-mail. You can view each message right away or when you want, and saving them is easy, too.

Can I control what is sent to me?
You choose what types of content are sent to you. All bulletins and video can be saved to your computer.

Pretty cool stuff. We assume it's a handy application for industry folk — including all the ancillary Los Angeles industries (lawyers, agents, casting, etc.). And for anyone who just wants to know. <grin>

Thanks to Marketing Vox for the tip.

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