November 10, 2007

Japan-It-Up Blog

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JapanItUp.comWe were tickled to find Japan It Up, a blog written by an English-speaking resident of Japan (we don't know where he's from; he didn't say) who, with his girlfriend, moved to Japan for a "short stay". Of this, he says:

As an English speaking gaijin in Japan it has been hard for me to find certain information on the internet. Sure I can easily vacation in Japan for two weeks, but how could I live here if I wanted to? How do I get a drivers license? How can I get medical care? What are some laws I need to watch out for? How do I rent an apartment or where can I live? What about a Visa? Transportation? Cell phone? Food? Cost of living? Maybe some of your questions will be answered while reading through this site.

We don't know. But ya gotta admire a guy who just up and moves to another country at the suggestion of his girlfriend without much information at all. <grin>

Anyway. The blog is interesting, particularly where it highlights the differences one might find in Japan versus the U.S. (and Los Angeles in particular, but that's another story). Apartment in Japan details some of the "issues" (or non-issues) with which we might be unfamiliar, with pictures (pictures are good, yes?). Or what to expect when the Emperor's caravan is traversing your street. Or the solution to small living space in Japan.

We love this stuff.

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