January 18, 2008

The People's Guide to the U.S. Constitution

The People's Guide to the U.S. Constitution - by Dave KlugeOur friends at ActionPublishing recently published a new book entitled The People's Guide to the United States Constitution by Dave Kluge. This book is short and sweet, and a must-read.

Why, you ask?

In order to GUARD one's freedom against a government that wishes to oppress its own citizens (that means you and me), it's a good idea to know that government's constitution — in our case, we are talking about the United States Constitution.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I was sixteen, I went through a class in high school called Civics. And in this class I was "taught" about the US Constitution. The only problem was that it was quite confusing to me at that time. I remember feeling like I was going to fall asleep.

Well, this book by Dave Kluge woke me up. I found it easy to read and understand as to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, something I had never understood when I first did my civics class.

The People's Guide to the United States Constitution, by Dave Kluge, could easily replace the book I studied in high school. In fact, I could see a whole year of school being spent on the US Constitution using this book.

A basic understanding of our Constitution would make it much easier to force our government to stick to the basic agreement — the agreement between our government and ourselves. Our country would do much, much better than it currently is.

The United States is still the best country to live in, but when the corruption gets too much as it is now …

  • we 're in an aggressive war
  • rampant inflation
  • rampant devaluation of the value of money such as the rapid increase of "value" of a home to the point where one pays $500,000 for a shack (here in Los Angeles)
  • selling bad home loans in the form of "securities" to the world, so that the United States is responsible for a fantastic world wide loss and we are no longer trusted, with good reason, by the rest of the world
  • selling bad credit card debt as "securities" just like the bad housing loans debacle is also coming to a head
  • the impending bombing of the stock market that will spell disaster for the "securities" market (can anyone say naked short sales)
  • voting in politicians who only work for the corporations
  • rising crime
  • etc.

But if we all had a better understanding of the US Constitution, we could as a group take back our electoral system and let the real cream rise to the top.

Corruption is at the flooding stage in our government. It's WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible for it. And The People's Guide to the United States Constitution, by Dave Kluge, can definitely help.

I recommend this book to anyone here in the United States to read and study and know. Perhaps then we could put some control back into the government so that they could just do their job and administer the already existing laws of the land.

With this book, the United States Constitution can be understood by all now.

Here's what Action Publishing has to say about it:

The People's Guide to the U.S. Constitution

JUST RELEASED! The People's Guide to the United States Constitution makes it easy to read and understand the Constitution.

  • Spin-free and non-partisan.
  • Includes the essential historical context and vital definitions of the words used at the time the Constitution was written.
  • Reconnects you with the power and excitement of the documents that guarantee your freedom.

So, there you have it:

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