September 24, 2008

Valencia California Town Center Mall has class

Valencia Town Center

I never used to frequent malls before. In fact, my idea when shopping is to target the designated store designated and swoop in there and attain what I need in as little time lost as possible — and then I'm outta there!

But as I've grown older and mellowed to a degree, I don't look at going to places as an expenditure of my valuable time. I'm beginning to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

And I think we have a rose of a flower in the Town Center Mall of Valencia California. Here are a few pictures.

Valencia optometrist

Dr. Detmaleck

I had occasion to visit my optometrist in Valencia Town Center. His name is Edmond Detmaleck, O.D., and his business is OPTX Optometry. He's a very nice man. He answers all your questions and handles your concerns, especially since this body is growing older and my eyesight has changed so dramatically. Unfortunately, not for the better, but Dr. Detmaleck tells me that one should generally expect changes with one's eyes as one gets past their fifties. Not in all cases, but in mine particularly. I've got a condition known as asteroid hyalosis, which are calcium deposits floating around in the left eye and a cataract forming in right. But, not to worry — the cataract won't become a factor for 5 or 10 years and at that time I can get an outpatient operation to fix the cataract. The asteroid hyalosis? Apparently, there's no cure per se. However, it's not threatening to the eye. The spots I see are not imaginary though.

Dr. Edmond Detamaleck is located at 24305 Town Center Drive Suite 160, Valencia California 91355. His telephone # is 661-799-7464.

Across the street is a small café.

Cafe in Valencia

Around the corner is a cookie store.

Nice Men's and Women's stores abound.

Carlton Hair International is less than a block from OPTX Optometry.

And it's about a block to the actual indoor Mall.

Valencia Town Mall

All in all, it’s a very stylish place. I like shopping there.

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