About Designer Jones

DesignerJones was created as a venue for exploring and sharing design, art and style as we find it — really, to cover just about anything well done, as it strikes our fancy. And perhaps to have a bit of a chat with those doing well-done things.

What's a "jones"?

Oh, you know: hip slang for a craving. Like a chocolate jones. <grin> After some 15-ish years in the web design business — most of it in extremely work- and career-oriented Los Angeles — we thought we'd take the occasional moment to turn our eye to what other people were doing. Get a bit of balance. Smell the roses.

Or we might just shop our way across Los Angeles, camera at the ready.

What's a blog? The word blog is short for a type of online journal website — a log, if you will, hence web log, forshortened to blog. All articles are on their own "permanent" pages, and current articles are featured for a time on the home page — but you can find older articles via the links in our side menu or our Site Map/Archives.

Diane Vigil, Editor

Diane Vigil also writes for wewantorganicfood.com, where we're now covering our organic food-related topics as we can, and you can find her at our web design studio in Sparks, Nevada (right next to Reno).